Willowford Farm

produce from Hadrian's Wall
Willowford Farm

Welcome to Willowford Farm

Willowford is a 100-acre livestock farm on Hadrian's Wall in north-east Cumbria. We keep around 100 sheep, some cattle from our neighbour's farm, a dozen or so chickens and a hive of bees. The farm overlooks the beautiful River Irthing, which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Swaledale ewe

Organic sheep

We keep about 100 breeding ewes to the organic standards of the Soil Association. About a third of these are Swaledales and Black Welsh Mountains, which are put to a Leicester ram to produce the rest of our flock of Mules. The Mules produce lambs that are used for both meat and wool.

Ayrshire cows

Curious cows

We work closely with Slack House Farm who keep a herd of pedigree Ayrshire cows. Some of the young-stock are kept at Willowford until they join the dairy herd. Ayshires are placid and friendly and produce a delicious rich and creamy milk.

Marmalade fly on Yarrow

Lots of wildlife

We manage the farm in a way that protects and encourages wildlife. In 2011 we joined a Higher Level Stewardship scheme which commits us to various land management practices and a number of targeted projects aimed at increasing biodiversity on the farm, including restoring hay meadows, planting native broadleaved trees, laying hedges and fencing off high value wildlife habitats.